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Providing effective project navigation

Helping your vision become a reality

1 year 2 weeks

You have a vision – you know your business is doing well and that there are opportunities for growth... and that’s great! 

Project Management from any Perspective

1 year 5 months

What does project management mean to you? Depending on your role in an organisation it will mean different things.

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

1 year 9 months

January can be a very inspirational time - a new start, a full year ahead to crack those challenges … however, it can also be overwhelming. It can remind us of things we did not get done last year... or the year before... Or of those niggly things which just keep getting put off or put on the back burner.

It's Santa's Deadline - Not Yours!

1 year 11 months

Is Christmas a good deadline to set yourself and your team for completing your project?  Really? In November it is all too easy to see this great visible landmark in the calendar as the perfect line in the sand to set for delivering your project.

Project planning - a satellite image or a route map?

1 year 11 months

The strategic level of project management is very different to the way things look at the coal face, and the right approach needs to be taken at every level of planning and delivery.

That's not project management!

2 years 4 days

This was the cry from a delegate on one of my recent courses when we were looking at time management apps.  Good point well made, or purist nit-picking? After all, where does project management stop and time management begin - or even leadership or negotiation skills, for that matter?

Are you a process robot?

2 years 3 weeks

If we are not careful we can let the process drive the project. What drives the progress in your project?

How to make friends... and improve productivity

2 years 2 months

Are you still struggling along managing projects on your own? "It's stressful, but I get there eventually. By the skin of my teeth. Slightly late. And no, not always delivering on the original, exciting vision. "But I get by." There is a better way, You need more friends to help you.

Give Yourself some Head Space

2 years 3 months

How does a man who spends most of his time asleep in his office keep his job? Me and my team-mates used to ask one another this when we worked on a large project for a regional utility organisation, alongside an employee who we ended up nicknaming ‘The Sleepy Vagabond’. Finally we got our answer.